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The famous Walt Disney is the company that owns Marvel Entertainment. Its main goal, to entertain people, can be actually seen from its name. And because of the fact that Marvel Entertainment is one of the biggest out there and uses many popular characters (superheroes mostly) as its basis, it managed not only to survive but to flourish in these hard times. The library of Marvel includes over eight thousand characters at the moment. And these heroes are very popular too. The created characters are now used by the Marvel Company for generating good income. Among the characters you will find many franchises of hits in the entertainment industry. Also these characters are widely used in numerous comic books, books, games, movies and online casino slots.

Marvel slots directory

Thanks to the fact that Marvel superheroes have become extremely popular all around the world there were a few doubts that sooner or later the online casinos would start launching games based on many of the popular superheroes.

Such marvel games online can be a great choice for any of the online casino gamblers. They are highly popular among the players because they feature characters which are known very-well and easily recognizable. And another reason for such popularity is the strong support of the Marvel slot games by online casinos. For instance, the online casinos that use gaming software developed by Cryptologic and Playtech feature a lot of slot games of this type.

The popularity of Marvel characters is extremely high in many countries. The list of just the most popular super heroes presented by Marvel includes such names as Spider man, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Xmen, Fantastic four, Captain America, Thor, the Punisher and Blade.

It was Martin Goodman who created the Marvel Comics Company. When it was founded in 1939 its name was Timely Publications and the 1st comic books they created were named Timely Comics.

As the early publications of the Marvel Comics had a stunning success it was not surprising that about nine hundred thousand copies were sold for the first 2 issued printings. After that new heroes and new stories were launched without much problem and their popularity grew very fast all over the world. And despite the fact that the comics are read by less people nowadays, a lot of the characters that Marvel created have gained even wider popularity thanks to the movies that feature them