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First deposit, welcome, sign up bonuses

The online casinos nowadays offer their players Match bonuses more often than the others. It is so, as this way the casinos undertake less risk associated with giving out free cash. The point is that other bonuses (for example the No Deposit Bonus) can theoretically be used by unfair players. In case with the percentage based match bonuses a player will need to make a certain deposit if he wants to get the free money that casino offers. 

Best first deposit bonuses

Such bonuses can vary and even change when some new promotion appears. The interested players will find the examples of the percentage based bonuses used by the online casino very often.

For example:

Fifty percent Match Bonus is when a casino offers a player 50 percent match bonus, that is add 50 percent more to his bankroll when making a deposit at the casino. For example, a player who has deposited 1000 dollars will receive 50 percent match bonus up to five hundred dollars added to his account. So he will get 500 dollars he will be able to use for playing absolutely for free. That is why his initial bankroll will be 1500 dollars.

One hundred percent Match Bonus has the widest popularity with the online casinos all over the world. One of the main reasons for that is the fact it is simple and fair to both the players and the casinos. The players who receive this bonus will see 100 percent of the deposit they have made added to their casino account for free. For instance if the bonus is 100 percent up to 200 dollars and a player has deposited 100 dollars, he will get 100 dollars for free. In case a player has deposited 200 dollars he will receive 200 dollars for free, but if he has deposited 300 dollars he will get 200 dollars anyway as it cannot be more that this amount.
In case with Two hundred Match Bonus or Higher Bonuses the higher risks are taken by the casinos. It is so with any bonuses higher than 100 percent that is why they are less common than smaller bonuses. As a rule the casinos that offer the players 150 percent match bonus or higher ones have more strict requirements for wagering. And if there is 200 percent match bonus up to 200 dollars and you have deposited 100 dollars, you will get 200 dollars extra.

The things you should remember when looking at bonuses:

The casino conditions and terms, as well as wagering requirements need to be reviewed before you start playing at a certain online casino. And in case it all looks too good to be true (like if the match bonus is 500 percent) you should be careful with such casinos and get more information about them in our forums before you send them any money. Just remember that we would never publish bonuses which are illegitimate or post a casino known as unfair on our website.

Most online casinos have certain requirements for wagering. It means that the players need to wager though the bonus amount and (or) the deposit amount a set number of times before withdrawal becomes possible.  Plus to that a lot of casinos have some restrictions as for which games can be chosen for the play though, so often there are games at a casino that will give nothing to the wagering requirement for a bonus.